About Us

While looking at real estate Tyler told Marty that he needed something to get his second wind. Marty replied to him that he needed more than a second wind, he needed a Third Wind and that is when Third Wind Coffee Co. was born.

We want to help people achieve great things in their lives, be better than they were the day before and conquer the things that hold them back from everything they want to accomplish in life. We believe that a great cup of freshly roasted coffee can be the difference maker in people’s lives! It can be what they need to get up and take life by the beans!

Our Team

Before roasting coffee together, and eventually turning it into a business, we were all friends. We attended the same high school, played sports together and have spent tremendous amount of time together throughout the years.  A friendship eventually turned into an engagement when Jess and Marty decided to turn their friendship into a life long commitment.

Each of us do different things, have different views, and different ideas, but what we all have in common, is the desire to share our coffee with others and help people take their life by the beans.

Marty Beninsky


I started 3rd Wind Coffee Co. to be the caffeinated support of those that are out there in the midst of the grind and know that life is short and they need to take advantage of every second! Those working long hours everyday only to come home to start the real work towards their goals and dreams! I work hard with the 3rd Wind Coffee Co. team to make sure that our coffee is the freshest and best tasting coffee on the market so every cup and every sip is a push to keep going! I'm an emergency room nurse by profession, real estate investor, and coffee company owner!

Jessica May

COO/Head of Media

I'm married to Marty and dog mom to Watson, our Corgi. I graduated with a bachelors in Psychology but work full time in the coffee business and as a photographer. I have experience as a barista and working in coffee shops! When I'm not taking pictures or slinging coffee, I love to travel, read, and go shopping!

Tyler Bonawitz

Vice President

I'm a contractor by day, coffee business VP by evening, and one day an astrophysicist by night! There’s nothing I can’t fix and if you have a question about space, I'm your man! When I'm not doing all of that, I run a real estate company with Marty. I also enjoy guns and things that go boom!