Take Your Workday By The Beans

We offer more than just coffee for the home! As a commercial coffee supplier we offer a complete line of coffee and supplies to make sure your business can take the work day by the beans. We have our full selection of roasts for you to choose from, as well as a full line of coffee station supplies and equipment. We package our coffee perfectly for the workplace with single serve pods for your single cup coffee maker, or ground coffee in small packs designed to make sure your drip coffee maker has the perfect pot of coffee every time. If you’re in our local area we can even personally deliver your coffee, set up your coffee station, and service your coffee machine. All you need to do is pour a cup and keep taking your work day by the beans.


Our entire line of commercial coffee products and services was designed for convenience. From the single packs of ground coffee, to supplying your cups and creamer, we have your coffee needs covered.

Online Ordering

As if getting all your coffee supplies delivered to your door wasn't convenient enough, we now offer online ordering. Just login, fill out the order form, and wait for your coffee to arrive.

Wholesale Pricing

Commercial accounts purchasing coffee in bulk get access to our wholesale pricing to make sure your fresh roasted coffee is as affordable as possible. That means more money to take life by the beans.

Coffee Station Service

For those in our local area, we offer coffee station set-up and maintenance. We'll personally deliver every coffee order, replenish your supplies, and clean-up your station.

What our customers say...

We have recently made the switch from a national coffee vendor to Third Wind Coffee Company here at Larson Design Groups headquarters based out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Third Wind Coffee Company continues to provide us with generous prices, friendly service, timely and consistent deliveries, and they are always happy to accommodate last minute orders when our coffee demands are higher than usual. Our employees immediately noticed a difference in the quality of our coffee after the vendor transition. 3.W.C.C. grinds and packages their coffee in-house, leaving an aromatic, fresh, and bold cup of coffee every time. LDG is proud to support this local, family-owned business. There has certainly been more traffic at our coffee stations since we have made the switch!

Larson Design Group

Packaged For Convenience

We package our coffee and our service to make sure your office is getting the perfect pot of coffee any time and every time.

Single Pot Packs

Don't deal with bad coffee just because your co-worker beat you to making the next pot. Our 1.5oz packs of ground coffee are designed to give you the perfect pot every time. Just rip it open and pour it in. No more scooping, cleaning up coffee ground messes, or worse, dealing with coffee that's too weak or too strong.

Not to mention, we offer a full range of supplies from the cups to the machine itself, so you never have to worry about running out of creamer again. This is fresh roasted coffee for the workplace made easy.

We also offer our single serve pods for those with a single cup coffee maker. 

What our customers say...

Murray Motors Chevrolet

We have been using Third Wind for a few months and have always been more than satisfied with the service. Their fresh roasted coffee is outstanding! The robust flavors and enticing aromas are pleasing to the palette. Third Wind provides a full service program supplying any coffee related product that you may need for your office and your customer service departments. They are efficient, detail-oriented and most importantly offer the most competitive prices. You will not be disappointed when switching from your run of the mill office coffee supplier to a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in their products, business and community.

Take the first step to start taking your work day by the beans!

Use our Commercial quote form to tell us about your coffee station needs. Located in Pennsylvania? Inquire about our coffee station service to see if you're in our service area.

Take the first step toward taking your work day by the beans!